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Chunk Flip Guide Laugh: Creating Learning Tools That Lead to Action with Nancy Bacon. February 1 at 1:30-3:00 EST, or 10:30-12:00 PST.

Webinar Worksheet

Our time together will be a working session, so grab the worksheet and print it out. It will serve as a reference later on.


I am indebted to the really smart people who write and talk about adult learning. Here’s a copy of my bookshelf. Loaned out because they are so helpful are Instructional Design That Soars by Guila Muir and Performance Based Smile Sheets by Will Thalheimer.

P.S. Yes, Kafka. For obvious reasons. Read this if you would like to see other ways being a German major influenced my adult learning approach.


Design for Action – A handout describing our instructional design created for Washington Nonprofits funders and program partners.

Aim for Action – A worksheet to accompany the “Aim for Action” video.

Washington Nonprofit Institute – The learning website for Washington Nonprofits. You can see all of our videos, kits, and document collections here.

Change or Die article from Fast Company

Cognitive Load Theory graphic by Oliver Caviglioli