Understand action

Action doesn’t just happen. You need to plan for it.

I think of this in terms of climbing Mount Rainier, our glorious mountain in Washington. Getting to the top of it requires a clear day with accessible paths, a set of tools (maybe a compass, ice pick, and rope), some knowledge and skills related to mountain climbing, and confidence. Got that? Great, but you are still just at base camp. You are also going to need a clear focus (summiting in this case), reflection that connects what you learned with what you are experiencing, and a team to get you up the hard slopes. Dealing 4 barriers + planning for 3 accelerators = success.

Aim for Action is a 6 minute video that explains how to get people to do what you want them to do. It outlines the building blocks to action and provides a worksheet to help guide your thinking.

Aim for Action Overview (click on image to download):



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