Guide-new-green-lineKnowing something doesn’t mean we do it. Teaching people that they should have this or that in place doesn’t mean that they will put it in place. Too many barriers stand in the way. In fact, the space between their reality and our desired state for them often resembles the Grand Canyon. This is particularly the case in volunteer jobs or positions that people perform on top of their work and family. As teachers we tell people what they should do, and they often don’t do it because they don’t know where to begin.

Guide means just that: guiding people to next steps so that they are more likely to take them. It means giving them a pathway with specific, doable actions so that they see step-by-step how to move forward. If there is a “game changing” document they need to implement, we give them that document in a form that they can easily adapt to their organization. If we say that they need to work with certain people, we give them a way to keep track of who those people are.

Guide recognizes that learning happens within a culture—an individual’s culture and an organizational culture. Learning often leads to cultural change as the individuals who make up organizations learn new ways of being and doing things. Guiding people to next steps helps them to navigate cultural change and communicate with others about what changes are happening and why.

If I were to do what I am telling others to do, what would be my next 3 steps?


 “The One Page Grant Proposal” developed by Maryn Boess with Grants Magic.

“Boards in Gear” Pathway developed by Washington Nonprofits.



Click here or the image above for the Guide worksheet.

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