It is a tremendous honor and pleasure to share adult learning ideas and Chunk Flip Guide Laugh with others! Here are some places where I have spoken about instructional design and learning.

October 2015: Alliance for Nonprofit Management. How to deliver training to drive new actions and better habits.

September 2016: Philanthropy NW Community Foundation Convening. How to move people to action.


October 2016: Small Nonprofit Podcast

June 2017: National Council of Nonprofits Annual Confab. How to move people to action.

October 2017: BoardSource Leadership Forum. How to move board members to action.

October 2017: Closing the Hunger Gap National conference. How to turn ideas into action.

February 2018: Learning Technology Design Virtual Conference. Chunk Flip Guide Laugh.

October 2018: Washington Chamber of Commerce Executives. Leadership.

Contact me if you would like to talk about ways to bring these ideas into your event or organization.